Analyst: Struggling HDTV sales hurting PS3 sales



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Along with a drastic price difference between the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes struggling HDTV sales have also led to PS3…

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am i missing something here, or did he say that its just the ps3 thats getting hurt? i could of sworn the 360 is in the same boat, due to being HD too. you have to look at the elite machine too, as its comparitable in price, its a bit of a stupid statement really.

you cannot compare an arcade 360 to the ps3, as you need to add hard drives etc, to make the same comparisant. its like comparing a netbook to a middle of the range laptop really with an 120gig drive.

and can i just add that the consoles sold on release can be compared due to the year start the 360 came out?

if you work it out with the 360 a year ago, it works out to .3 of a difference in 360’s favour. thats not that much really!


“The Xbox 360 has sold 12.4 million consoles since its release while Sony has sold 6.1 PS3 units.”

6.1 PS3 units ?

No wonder Sony is worried. :slight_smile:


Whats going to hurt the PS3 more is the lower Bluray player prices. Since alot of players are now cheaper than a PS3, there is no reason to buy a PS3 based on it being the cheapest Bluray player on the market anymore. Now, it will be relagated to strictly gamers.


@bitrate, lol! it took me a moment there to figure out what you were getting at.