Analyst: Premium VOD impact on theaters will be 'extremely limited'



Analyst: Premium VOD impact on theaters will be ‘extremely limited’.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Theater owners are understandably frustrated by premium VOD. Despite new MPAA chief Christopher Dodd's assuaging comments last week, potential hits to the box office take are hard to ignore. However, at least one analyst doesn't foresee premium VOD having too much effect on the bottom line.

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Actually, I love going to the theater. Sitting back in front of that big ass screen, is IMHO the best way to watch certain movies. What I hate about going to the theater is the high ass ticket price and the outrageous concession prices. Since I’ve been pretty much priced out of going to the theater, I resign myself to waiting until a hi-def version is released and I sit back on my big ass couch and watch it on my (not so big) HDTV.