Analyst: PC market 'alive and kicking'



Analyst: PC market ‘alive and kicking’.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Despite last quarter's down sales figures and new fighting words from Apple chief Tim Cook, The NPD Group refused to sound the death knell for PCs. The research firm said this week that the PC market is alive and well.

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Damn right it’s still alive. The new 7000 series AMD video cards are out and soon the new Intel Ivy Bridge processors will be here. Lots going on this year. The PC gaming community is still kicking. Screw netbooks and tablets !!


One quarter does not make a trend, either way. Paint whatever picture you like of Q4, 2011-- tablets are around to stay and steal marketshare from PCs. This is the tablet maker’s game to win or lose… if they get too greedy, consumers can run right back into the arms of Microsoft and Windows O/S. We all know what can make or break (TABLET) prices in the future… and that is the price of flash memory. It’s not that hard to make an 8-10" tablet for under $300 with 16gb of memory… but try getting 32 & 64gb and the price balloons to $600 which overlaps with… well, laptops and damn good ones at that… 640gb hard drives and DX11 video cards as well.

Not sure about internal SSd drves… but external SDHC market seems to be softening for some price cuts overdue in Q2, 2012. The only spoiler could be high gasoline prices jacking up the cost of EVERYTHING out of spite by the oil companies. This makes me want to buy a 400 gallon storage container and pre-buy my gasoline when it’s dirt cheap during the year and use that-- but gasoline tends to go bad after 3 months turning to shellack-- I think ethanol has a longer “shelf life”