Analyst: Movie rentals trounce all

Analyst: Movie rentals trounce all.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, published findings of a survey this week that suggest consumers are a little less likely to opt for the quickness and convenience of rental kiosks and streaming video services if a store offers comparable pricing.  The researcher was quick to point out, however, that businesses such as Netflix and Redbox would only continue to grow as consumers focused more on older content in the face of delayed new releases.

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consumers focused more on older content in the face of delayed new releases
That is a no brainer no movie theaters would show a old movie at all. Plus the new movies are same and same as the other and remake of old good movies that don’t do any good or better service then the original movie did. Also the new movies are just worse to trash movies and don’t have any good redeeming quality like to use to have.

The survey also found that respondents were less inclined to buy movies or go to the theater than in the past.
Geezes, I knew that already the cost goes up and up and we get the same content and they say we should have a good experience. Yeah right…they have yet to really give good experiences versus take our money first.

The younger crowd has a vast variety of very good older movies to watch. It could take years, if not a decade or more, to see them all if you go back to the 1930s and work your way to the present.

I know times have changed but way back before VCR’s there was a movie theater in my city that only showed older movies . They were cheaper on the admission & usually had a double feature. I went to this theater several times. The movies were not just the slightly older movies but sometimes several years older.

IMO, the movie makers and theaters should collaborate to set aside one, or two, screens in these big multiplex operations to shown vintage movies. Maybe some double features. Remember those? I think it would create more business than they think. There are also a few small, single screen theaters that run older films. they seem to be mostly in the small towns though.

I love the Indy theaters that show obscure and limited run films, but I have to go all the way across town to see these type of films because the big mainstream films don’t carry them. Would it hurt the 30-theater-megaplexes to dedicate a few showings to some more of the Independent films that are actually original? It would be a refreshing change and probably bring in some good business for them.