Analyst: Mobile games constitute half of all digital game downloads



Analyst: Mobile games constitute half of all digital game downloads.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A month-long study by The NPD Group found that nearly half of all complete digital video game purchases are made via mobile devices such as smart phones - even among respondents who have access to other game-playing hardware, such as video game consoles and personal computers. 

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I have about 20 mobile games on my phone/tablet … all free.

I have about 40 games downloaded (steam, not torrent) for my laptop/computer … not free.

While some people might be thrilled to be paying multitudes of pennies for mobile games … mobile phones are a throwaway item - they get replaced every 2 years (approx) and my last 4 phones (4years) have been symbian, iOS, iOS, Android …

Immediately, I’d suggest that all the games I’d have bought for my symbian and apple phones would no longer be usable.

At the same time, over the last 10 years, all my PC games are still usable, were generally more expensive, and more developed, and I spent more (dedicated & measurable) time playing them.

It’s a matter of Quality versus Quantity.

Mobile games will need to be simple games that fill in time while people waiting around.
Mobile games will need to make their money through either in–game advertising, or bulk sales - it’s unlikely that “id” would be able to sell their latest blockbuster at PC prices for a mobile phone device.