Analyst: HDDs to reach 6TB in 2012

I just posted the article Analyst: HDDs to reach 6TB in 2012.

Although all major HDD manufacturers have had to deal with dropping revenue in 2008, things will get better for them, but after the industry suffers for another couple of years, some analysts…

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That’s a lot of HD porn :slight_smile:

I would have to agree that I don’t see hard drives disappearing anytime soon. SSDs are great but have their own issues with random-access transfer rates, variable performance and high cost. The only issue with these drives is how to backup 6TB of data ? RAID isn’t ideal and Blu-ray media is too expensive. Holographic media anyone ?

how to backup 6TB of data ?

Another 6TB hard drive of course :smiley:

I see the biggest problem the drive manufactuers are having is not how big they can make them, but now its down to physical hard drive demensions. Hard drives sizes what we have now we just not considered when the case was originally designed, make the case bigger you can have much bigger hard drives. Or like with GFX cards have two hard drives working together but the OS sees it as one big hard drive

They are only more popular because they are cheaper and bigger. Make SSD’s bigger and cheaper and spinning disk technology for computer storage (excepting Blu-Ray of course) will be history.


I’m all for the capacity increasing, I have a 1TB Exteranl HD, but what I’m looking for now is, different connectivity solutions, mine is USB2.0, all though great, the transmission speeds of massive data is very slow, 60-80 minutes for 49GB BR movie, bring on USB3.0