Analyst disputes iPhone 4 “retina display” claims



Analyst disputes iPhone 4 “retina display” claims.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies, is accusing Steve Jobs of using “marketing puffery” in claiming that the new iPhone 4 will have a "retina" display. 

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It’s really hard to find a lot of small video devices that actually state their displays true specs, even harder to find one that actually approaches a high res image for their size.
I just bought a nifty little 7" wide screen digital portable TV that does OTA and cable and the actual resolution is 480x234 even though the tuner knows what the original res is and even displays it if you push the right buttons.
It actually looks pretty good considering but there are a few sets with the same size that do around 800x480 or so but try to find them, and when you do they are real spendy. Some makers inflate the spec by counting the res for each color and adding it together to make the display sound much better then it actually is and I’m sure the phone makers have no problem pulling the same crap.


Going by the Apple website, the resolution of the iPhone 4 is 960 x 640, so it’s somewhere in between standard and 720p for playing video on. However, I do agree that a high resolution does not always mean better.

A few years ago, I bought a Creative Zen Vision media player with a 3.5" 640x480 screen, as I went for the highest resolution player with a small screen that I could find at the time. A year later, I bought a GPS, which has a 4.3" 480x234 display. After noticing the “WinCE 5.0” sticker at the botton, I had a go at breaking out of the GPS software and landed in the Windows CE GUI (looks a bit like a cut down version of Windows XP). I loaded HPC player and a few videos on an SD card to try for curiosity. Despite the much lower resolution display, I was shocked at how much better the colour and contrast looked compared to the Zen and ended up not using the Zen since then. The GPS ended up being a better unit as it had an SD slot, FM transmission and obviously a Satnav, all which the Zen didn’t have and also cost me half the price of the Zen!