Analyst: box office 3D honeymoon is over

Analyst: box office 3D honeymoon is over.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Though many industry analysts foresee an uptick in home 3D adoption in the coming years as the technology becomes more affordable and offers a greater breadth of quality content, the recent box office debut of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" has led one to believe that the theatrical appeal of 3D has cooled.

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The problem that this “Premium” movie experience is priced to high. If you like to go the movies regularly and take your family/friends it gets quite expensive. Not to mention the additional cost of buying from the concession stands. When you think this way, as a consumer, what’s the most I can get for my buck well it stands to reason that 2D movies are the way to go. Only exceptions then are movies that are “Have to see it in 3D” status. Infact I have noticed the drive-ins making a come back. You get 2 movies for the price that is lower than 1 movie at an indoor theatre. Plus you can bring all the food/drink you want and it eat as comfortably as want (like bringing an ice chest, large pizza and chairs. Also, when my wife and I saw the previews for the new Pirates movie we weren’t that impressed and didn’t think it was going to be any better than previous ones (especially considering the fact that they changed the cast a bit). So we decided to see it at a drive-in and it was better than we had anticipated, but it ddin’t feel like we missed out on the 3-D experience. Not all moves should be made for 3D, just because you can doesn’t mean they should be.

I can remember sitting in a theater in the '50s watching the “new” 3D movie technology as a kid and wearing cardboard 3D glasses. I wasn’t impressed then and I guess no one else was either because 3D went away for about 20 years. In the '70s they tried to resurrect it again (remember Jaws 3D?), and again it flopped. I’m not sure, but I believe it may have re-appeared briefly in the '90s before fading away into what I thought was oblivion for 3D.

Fast forward 20 years to the new millennium and here it is again! These Hollywood people are nothing if not persistent! How about forgetting the gimmicks that have historically never worked and concentrating your efforts on producing less crap and more really good movies?

Simply put, not everyone’s brains are compatible with the 3D technology. Some of us would end up with splitting headaches from trying to watch a full length 3D feature.

Maybe there are more of us about than estimated.

The problem is these Hollywood douchebags are converting every 2D movie under the sun to 3D ! These movies were not set-composed nor filmed in 3D and the director did not intend them to be 3D.

True 3D movies like Avatar or the 3D animated stuff like Ice Age 3D work very well for the 3D because they were made to be 3D. All these conversions are just ridiculous. Last year Clash of the Titans 3D conversion was panned, everyone said it ruined the experience.

Anyway, 3D is awesome when its done right. The Hobbit in 3D at 48 fps is going to be awesome !!
kpoole the 48 fps might help those headaches. I too have experienced the eye strain from a 3D movie. But I don’t think its much of a factor for this decline, Avatar and other 3D films have done very very well. I think its just that these recent movies are not really much different in 3D than 2D, because they are conversions.