Analyst: Apple's iPad is not the cause of sluggish PC sales

Analyst: Apple’s iPad is not the cause of sluggish PC sales.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Millions of people snapped up the iPad over the past year as PC sales have simultaneously trended downward. Is there a correlation? Are more consumers ditching the traditional monitor, tower and keyboard combo for the compact simplicity of Apple's ubiquitous tablet? No, says the NPD Group. But another product may be to blame.

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I need both a notebook and a PC. The notebook is handy for my mobile needs but lacks the versatility and raw power of my PC. Haven’t seen a 3.3ghz, 6 core AMD notebook with 8 gigs of ram yet.
As for the tablet, I’ll leave those to the iDIOTS.

Oh please. I’m a PC dinosaur and I love my iPad. It’s a brilliant product regardless of whether you need PCs & notebooks or not.
In fact, having an iPad has delayed my need to upgrade my 5 year old Athlon pc, since I hardly use it for home computing anymore except for downloads. NDP should’ve asked me !