Analyst: 100M Blu-ray movie sales in 2009

I just posted the article Analyst: 100M Blu-ray movie sales in 2009.

Consumers in the United States, Western Europe and Japan will purchase upwards of 100 million Blu-ray discs through the rest of 2009, Futuresource Consulting said in a statement.
Blu-ray has…

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“FutureSource” Wow! That’s a frikkin cool name!

It’s starting to catch on. I think I was one of the first people at my work and ouf of my friends that went to bluray, but now I see alot of other people going that direction too. However I don’t think they’ll be able to sell back catalogs as easy, so alot of the numbers will come from new releases.

It is, but not as much as this posted article made me feel. This is why I goofed on it- I thought the companies behind BR must have paid for another “study” showing how rosy BR acceptance is going. Especially when the US and the UK were the “big customers” and Japan is like a freakin’ bridesmaid. I thought Japan was the place where BR was really popular. And maybe it is only just for recorders, at any rate - something looked fishy. It turned out it really wasn’t but, still there are some things going on I was not aware of.

I did a little digging around and came up with this from the same report and it makes a bit more sense to me now. I mean WTF- Blu-ray is simply NOT that popular and especially last year. Here is some more info from the report, that I read elsewhere:

Futuresource: 82% of Blu-ray discs are ‘pipeline fill’

An analyst firm found that of the 200 million Blu-ray discs manufactured last year, only 18% were sold to consumers.

Worldwide production of Blu-ray Discs, however, was in excess of 200 million last year, and only 36 million sold. Futuresource Senior Consultant Michael Boreham says this overproduction is not a miscalculation in demand, but rather the act of “filling the pipeline,” or pushing out product in anticipation of its future demand.

“There were concerns over how well the manufacturers would cope with the demands placed on them last year,” said Boreham, “But as a result of good planning and excellent cooperation there were no problems in the busy fourth quarter. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens this year, as we’re not seeing the same level of investment in manufacturing equipment that we saw in the early days of DVD.”

Only a company full of retards would go balls out with Blu-ray considering the global economy meltdown.

So, what I see is a HUGE gamble. What will the consumer do? Will they make the leap with all that is going on now? Or stick with DVD?

The good news? My opinion, from what I see going on around me- Hang tight and watch the price of Blu-ray movies drop like the Hindenburg. The “pipeline” is full and now they HAVE to move this crap and move it fast. There is gonna be some fire sales on BR players and movies, if so, THEN they will sell 100 million- or see a 400% + increase- because they will be going for 15 bucks a pop. I would not be surprised to see 100 dollar BR players too- That is my prediction!

$15 for a Bluray player? Damn, for that, I will bite. How about $30 for a burner and $1 for a 50GB BDR. That would be mucho nice.

I wonder if that includes all of the free titles they gave out. Probably 25% were give aways with packages?

Ho Ho HO! No, I meant the movies would go for 15… I think the players will go for $99 by Christmas and as mentioned above, lets figure on bundles too. When the players hit $99 it makes an upscaling player not look so good.

@Slayer: Of course it includes the giveaways…that’s why they gave them away to boost “sales” figures. I would not be surprised if it included folks that picked up one by accident thinking it was a DVD or don’t know that BR wont work on thier player and were returned and sold again, accounting for two sales. LOL

Just make a cheap burner and media. Then, things will take off!

'Just make a cheap burner and media. Then, things will take off!'
its coming…soon.

Blu-ray are too expansives

no they’re not! i’ve seen them for £9 on amazon, same as their DVD counterpart. they’re coming down in price! how cheap do you want them to be? free?