Analysis: LED-Backlight LCD Televisions Booming



Part One

Cost Reduction and Parts Procurement the Key

LED backlights are entering full-scale use in LCD televisions, with TV manufacturers planning to ship a total of 50 million sets in 2010. A number of models are listed with modest prices and can expect high sales volume, but the only for LED backlights to remain a major player in the market will be to find ways of achieving high image quality at low cost. Widespread market adoption will require a review and rebuild of the LED chip supply chain.


Part Two

LED Shortage for Televisions in 2010

LED backlights are being used in increasingly large panels, primarily in TVs. In preparation for widespread market adoption, the manufacturers making these TVs and panels are getting worried about cutting LED backlight costs and ensuring a stable supply of LED chips. In this article, a specialist in the field backs up his supply and demand forecasts with the latest data.