Analyse burnt dvd quality?

I was wondering if there was a program available (or if it is even possible!) to analyse a dvd (a +R movie) to see how well its been burnt.

what I’v done is burnt a DVD on my NEC3500 with verbatims in 2x speed and then 4x speed, my 5500rpm maxtor hard drive looked very busy thats why i switched to 2x speed however it still looks the same.
I was afraid that if I burnt at 4x maybe it might “miss” some data and would cause problems in the future, however when i played it it played just fine.

so I was hoping a program would help me analyse differences (if any) in the quality of the recordings of the 2x and 4x.

Any help much appreciated, Thanks

Yes, there is a way.
Download Nero CD-DVD Speed (currently v3.8 is the newest)
Under the menu “extra” there is an option “disc quality test”

How to interpret the results? There is a thread on this forum discussing just that…

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
unfortunatly the link doesnt work :(, can you gimmie a corrected link please?, thanks :slight_smile:

Check out Here :wink:

thx a lot :slight_smile:

Dead link. Can someone explain here how to interpret the results real quick?