Analogue to cd-rw


i’m using nero 6 (newbie) and i want to burn onto a cd-rw from an analogue cassette tape.

the cassette deck has stereo line out sockets and i picked up a lead with stereo jacks on one end and a single pc jack on the other - fits into the ‘line in’ socket on the back of the tower, okay.

but nothing happens when i play a cassette in the deck attached to the pc tower - no sounds issue from the pc speakers and neither the ‘windows media player’ nor nero 6 recognises any input signal or seem to possess a mode for ‘line in accessories’ or ‘auxilary inputs’ or anything like this…

the soundcard i have is SoundBlaster Live 1024 and the manual does actually show a picture of a ‘line out’ lead from a cassette deck to a ‘line in’ socket, in the tower -

can anybody help, please?




nero 6 has an ‘expert mode’ on the audio option which lists “Convert tape to CD”

you select ‘line in’ and it records approx 2 minutes of whatever you happen to be playing at that moment.

there is a volume control on the screen but you only appear to be able to hear ‘samples’ of what you have recorded, after the initial ‘preview’ recording process (why can’t you just hear what you’re recording?)

presumably the idea is that you save audio files to hard disk, then burn these onto cd - i wonder why you can’t record straight to cd: because the signal has to be digitalised?

it seems a rather roundabout process - but the burn does work!

still, how can you burn from ‘line in’ for more than 2 minutes, though? i need to burn about 12 minutes of audio tape onto cd…



I am not sure why Nero is even in this subject as it is a CD burner NOT an audio capture app.

You can’t play analog tape live burn it onto a CDDA and if you can I don’t reccomend doing it that way since you can get errors and the audio should be remastered with hiss RD for cassettes.

What I use is Adobe Audtion (used to be Cool Edit Pro) use the record button, save it and run it thru a basic NR via a simple preset.

Windows has a free recorder you can use: Start -> Programs -> Acessories -> Entertainment -> Sound Recorder

Use that to record the tape and save it as a .wav file, then go to Nero and choose create audio CD and stick the wav file in there. Nero should have some of the NR and whatnot you can do, w/o NR the CDs are going to have a lot of noise.

Keep in mind you need to record 1 wav file for each track or it will only be in 1 giant track, so next track feature won’t work.

thanks L1br4h,

i am totally new to this

will update




i just managed to burn 5 whole minutes of cassette analogue audio.

this was saved to an ‘AIFF Format Sound’ file then burned thro’ Nero 6 onto cd-rw.

there did not appear to be any limit to the size / duration of this file?

Nero 6 has Noise Reduction + ‘Derumble’ filters.

looks like i can do the job thro’ Nero after all?


Yep Nero should have an NR that will remove that nasty tape hiss. The limit size for an entire 700MB CD-R is 80 min, there is no track limit just don’t go over 80 min in playing time.

AIFF is the same as PCM just has a different heading, as long as you’re recording in at 44.1 16 ST should be fine.