Analogue Editing

Be grateful for some basic advice:
Using Pinnacle Movie Board Ultimate 12 along with SONY Video H8 Camcorder (ccc-trv 228E Pal) trying to edit some old HI 8 Tapes onto my PC.
I have connected Blue box to the Pinnacle (now on board) PC card and connected the Camcorder to the PC and Pinnacle via the Blue Box. Video transferred to Pinnacle for editing ok but no sound.

The Blue Box has a total of eight sockets over two rows. The top row shows an arrow - > followed by a S-Video Socket then a, 1yellow; 1 white & 1red sockets’.
The above sockets are replicated immediately underneath but preceded with an arrow in the opposite direction :(<- .
I am concerned that I may have made the wrong connections but in the absence of any handbook guides I am unable to check this out.

Pinnacle, which I bought new last year but have just started to use, had only basic connection instructions albeit a CD-Rom with help but I have been unsuccessful in finding a solution.

The connections I have made on the Blue Box Top row are as follows:-
S-Video - Camcorder to Blue Box, and
1Yellow; 1White & 1Red A/V connectors, with the three ring single connector at the other end connected to the A/V out socket on the Camcorder.

I have tried this arrangement on the lower sockets <- of the Blue Box, but to no avail.

Hope you can help

Check your Audio input settings:
If you cannot select a “line in” setting within a Pinnacle audio settings interface/menu:
Right-click on the speaker icon in your Windows system tray.
Choose “Adjust audio properties”.
Choose the “audio” tab.
Click on the “sound Recording” “volume” button.
Make sure “line in” is selected.
You may have to adjust the “Line in” volume slider.