Analog TV shutdown delay

WASHINGTON - The House is set to vote today on delaying the analog TV shutdown until June 12.

The original plan was for broadcasters to replace analog TV signals with digital ones by Feb. 17, just two weeks away.

The switch would open more spots on the nation’s airwaves for public safety agencies and wireless companies.

But the Obama administration and many Democrats say millions of people still aren’t ready. Without a digital tuner on their TV, cable or satellite service or a special converter box, all they’d get is static.

Republicans argue the delay would confuse people, burden those waiting for their slice of the airwaves and cost TV stations a lot of money to keep broadcasting in both digital and analog.

Last week’s House vote failed to get the required two-thirds majority. A simple majority is required in today’s vote.

The Senate has already passed a bill to delay the transition and President Barack Obama is expected to sign the measure.

Delayed until June 12…
I wish they would just do it and let things move on…
Some people will never be ready…
This is going to cost broadcasters quite a bit of money to keep their analog transmitters up and additional 4 months…

Actually from the way I read it this means there is no law to mandate for now but these tele companies however can due to reducing their cost decide to go digital only if they so choose to.

The House voted today 264-158 to delay the analog TV shutdown until June 12… President is expected to approve new analog shut-down date of June 12