Analog TV Card software?

I have no access or interest in digital TV for the time being, so my old Terratec Cinergy400 analog TV card will have to do.

This is a bog standard card based on the Philips SAA7134 chip.

The software Terratec delivers is a little buggy and the latest versions have very few features. So I started looking for an alternative. Google basically turned up only one: ChrisTV.

The free version of ChrisTV tries to install spyware, so I got rid of it. This did not promise well for the pro version, I don’t like companies that try to pull this kind of thing. The pro version demo was quite unstable, but at least offered some interesting features: record into avi/xvid directly and allowed to use FFDshow filters for very good cleanup of the picture.

Unfortunately, the instability is such that I will not buy it.

I would like to watch TV, record it occasionally to avi/xvid, and use external filters like FFDshow. Needs to run on Windows XP 64bit and in future probably Windows 7 64bit though that’s not certain yet. I’d like a slim package that allows me to watch TV in a window, I have no use for a full fledged HTPC PVR setup with all bells and whistles.

Is there an other alternative than ChrisTV? Freeware would be nice but not necessary, willing to pay for good working software.


I’m not sure if your card is supported but you can try this and see…

You might give VLC a go. It has support for direct show capture devices and tuners.

[QUOTE=pipemanid;2418238]I’m not sure if your card is supported but you can try this and see…[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately it isn’t

Thanks anyway


[QUOTE=olyteddy;2418241]You might give VLC a go. It has support for direct show capture devices and tuners.[/QUOTE]

I’ll give it a try, thanks for the tip!


I hate to revive this old thread, but I’m still looking for an alternative to the Terratec TV card software and ChrisTV.

I could not get VLC to work with my card, unfortunately.

ANY software that can simply use the tuner and store a channel list and play live TV will do. No other features required, I can use standard recording apps once the tuner channel is selected.

Does anyone have a tip for this? Or is TV playback on PC that difficult?




maybe this one does work:


Thanks. I’ve been trying it out and the options look superb. Unfortunately, I get an audio distortion once I visit the plugin menu and hit ‘apply’ - even when not selecting a plugin. The audio starts to ‘sizzle’. I’ve posted in the EN forum, hopefully someone can solve this glitch, then it would be a perfect solution.

It’s a pain to set up, but how about MythTV ? Your terratec is supported.