Analog to Digital

I have a large music collection on tape (cassettes) and would like to convert most of it to a digital format (probably mp3). I read somewhere that with Audacity and the proper cable I will be able to make the conversion. I have Audacity; what kind of cable will I need? And, what is a likely source?

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You need a sound card with analog stereo inputs. You’ll simply do a real-time recording, which I assume Audacity can do.

I’d advise against MP3, since you’re needing as much quality as possible. Convert to 16/44 PCM (wav) and keep copies in that format. You can still convert that to MP3 if you wish, but you’ll have higher quality copies for backup.

If you have one of the older LiteOn multi format dvd/cd recorders you can jack the audio right into it and record CD’s directly onto disk.
I have a 5005 that I picked up from Ebay cheap just to do the occasional record or tape directly to cd with.
I did my step dads whole collection of OLD reel to reel tapes with it, then took the disks onto the PC to edit and tweak the bad sounding ones, worked pretty good, just a extra step.

I use a good quality cassette player (Sony Professional)

I have a cable that plugs into the headphone jack (output) and the other end goes into my microphone jack on my laptop…it´s a very cheap and simple cable obtainable from any Hi-Fi or computer store

When you play the cassette…push the red record button on the Audacity start-screen. You will see the real-time audio appear.
When you want to stop…push the stop button.
Under the main menu…export as WAV (best quality)

Then clean or filter tape-hiss, and cut the audio into tracks.

There are good instructions available here:

Thanks guys. I knew I came to the right place.