Analog to digital conversion?

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Am diving into the pool of “burners anonymous”. Having read volumes from everywhere< I think I undrestand it is better to import DV into an editing program and then compress avi to mpeg for burning to DVD… Correct??

Assuming this to be the case, I also understand the conversion is easier “outside” the computer via Canopus analog to digital converter (ADVC 55)??? (one way)

apparently, there are less “conflicts” wt software and rendering :rolleyes:

Would appreciate ANY help and insight into the most effective protocol for successful DVD creation

Thanks, Michael

DV is, as the name implies, digital, not analog.

It would be best, quality-wise at least, to not use the Canopus for DV.

The Canopus is meant more for analog formats like Hi8.

For the sake of ease of use, you can use the Canopus if you want. Or maybe your DV camera has some sort of copy-control mechanism that will require you to find some way other than digital to transfer it. Then the Canopus would come in handy.

Thanks for your reply NRen2k5;
Perhaps I should’ve been more specific. I am converting old Hi 8mm tapes to DVD and was informed that the analog to digital conversion is best performed outside the computer via the canopus. This way I could import the digital files into pinnacle and edit from there…

I appreciate your response and look forward to your “take” on this now!!

Thanx Michael

There are three units that I’m aware of that will do a great job of this. The Canopus, ADS Pyro AV/Link (or ADS Firewire card), and the Plextor. I personally use the ADS Pyro, and capture as an AVI file. I then edit the file and add headers and trailers, and encode to mpeg with ADOBE PREMIERE. Then you can burn the dvd with just about any software. I get excellent results with extremely few dropped frames.

Hi, I a a lop of old hi 8mm video tape, macbook pro, Panasonic dvx100 and Canon L 1 hi8mm comcorder. From what I understand I must connect L1 to panasonic dvx 100, then panasonic to Macbook pro… to capture in Final cut. Do I have to have HDef Like Panasonic hvx 00 to capture full Hi 8 mm tapes

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