Analog not fixed

AnyDVD is running…I’m capturing VHS input in ATItv program…macrovision still not bypassed. :o :sad: :a :rolleyes:

Do I need to do something besides have AnyDVD running? I tried searching for analog conversion+ANYdvd…no such luck. :doh:

Thats simply because the program is designed to remove it off dvd`s. Hey read the manual kinda springs to mind.

Oh slysoft anydvd doesnt clean my dishes like my regular washing up liquid what you guys playing at huh?

try Sima GoDVD, to remove the Macrovision of analog.

Why don’t you be more of a jerk about it…I don’t think he picked up on your subtle nuances. He’s asking a question which is what this forum is for.

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Well first I saw this posted at afterdawn,
“If your capture card program unfortunatley has copy warnings at the start try running DVD43 in the background or AnyDVD to help eliminate that problem and you should be able to back up you VHS tape to a DVD.”

and then I downloaded AnyDVD and saw this in features,
“Works automatically in the background”
"Removes analogue copy protection (Macrovision) "

As you can see, I’d say my confusion is merited. :cool:

no problem its purely an over sight. Its easy to get confused with removes analog but it is anydvd :slight_smile:

p.s I enjoy long sticks gis a kiss you beauty brunt

Macrovision on VHS has to be removed with hardware, not software. A lot of TV tuners have circuitry to remove Macrovision. My TV tuner is kind of old now, Leadtech Winfast TV2000XP (which I use along with Nero Vision to convert VHS to DVD) and it removes Macrovision. I believe all Haupauge TV tuners remove it also.

Either that or hook up a video stabilizer (if you can find one) between the VHS output and whatever input you’re using.

AnyDVD has got nothing to do with this. Apples and oranges.

Thanks everyone! Googled a Stabilzer or 2 and doing some reading!

“I enjoy long sticks gis a kiss you beauty brunt” ???