Analog/digital converter recommendation?

I contacted toshiba support today and also went out to various computer stores and find that in order to backup my vhs tapes that i need to purchase a analog/digital converter.

It would connect via my 2.0 usb and via either the “S” connector on my high end Sony VCR or RCA cables. Of course the “S” connector would be best.

I have read reviews on Dazzle/Pinnacle and they were not good. The other converters that I was able to find here were the Hauppauge Express and Diamond.
I was wondering if any member has any experience with either and also if anyone is presently using a converter that they would recommend for my notebook.

I would appreciate any and all comments, thankyou :bow:

What you need is a capture card and depending on the capture card and vcr being used, a video enhancer (to get past Macrovision Protection). you can find more info at

There are a lot of things that will work, but if you want quality, and don’t want lost frames, I highly recommend going with the Plextor, Canopus, or ADS Pyro products. You can find good information at I’ve been doing vhs to dvd for about three years now using the ADS Pyro AV/Link, and have not had a single problem, and only a couple of dropped frames on very old vhs tapes.