Anakin Skywalker....replaced!

In the upcoming DVD release, George Lucas has REPLACED old Anakin’s ghost with…Hayden Christensen :frowning:

He’s lost his mind, he keeps mussing up this classic series.

Old Anakin Ghost

New Anakin Ghost

I like the new & improved version myself.

Nah, Episodes 4 through 6 were perfect, Lucas shouldn’t change anything of them.

-Goku who even likes the old ones better then the digitally enhanced ones

i have to post something on this…first off badreligion nailed it…lucas has lost his mind and apparently hes gottn the “old man crazies” … for starters the org. trilogy was SO powerful not to mention captivating and, well just outstanding.
so how is it that when ben konobi dies, and yoda dies, there old when you see their “ghosts”… but when vader bites the big one, he comes back as some young dude…um, what the heck is up with that?! that really doesnt make sense, and as stated before, lucas just cant seem to STOP… STOP THE MADNESS!!!

I think it’s supposed to be Anakin at the point where he was jedi…once you turn Sith there’s no Christmas ghost :eek:

Bah, when Anakin/Darth Vader dies, he no longer is a Sith. That’s what Return of the Jedi is all about, redemption. Vader/Anakin stops being a servant of the Dark side and once again becomes a true Jedi. So it makes no sense to now let his ghost become the young Anakin.


Methinks it’s got more to do with health.

When you become a ghost, it’s of the last moment that you were healthy!
That way, everyone is portrayed in their best light :slight_smile:

That said, the real anakin (aka the first one) must be turning in his grave about now.

Lucas, stop wasting time on stupid projects, which pisses off your audience and well as your actors and get back in the monkey suit and make more monkey islands!

Deep within the lair of George Lucas’ Cave

GL : “I need a new way to earn some extra cash. I may already be filthy rich by exploiting all classical themes and basic archetypes, but i want more money”

Marketeer : “I got a great idea, let’s re-re-re-release all Star Wars content on dvd !”

GL : “But i’ve done that already 50 times ! Surely people will protest by now !?”

Marketeer : “Master Lucas , are you nuts ? If you put some fancy words like Extended , Ultimate , ReMasters or other bogus crap on it , add a few minutes of never-seen-before-footage (except on every fucking talkshow in the world). Everyone will buy it”
GL : “The force is strong with you , proceed my padawan.”

Marketeer : “Oh, and we’re remodelling some footage as well”

GL : “I have looked in the future and saw no mass riots because of it , proceed as planned”.

Something tells me that is a bogus picture. I saw a website where you could add in all kinds of different characters to that shot and it’d look real. Lucas is stupid, but something tells me he is not that stupid. I’m calling fake until I see it on DVD for myself.

Maybe you should head to IRC.

It looks weird to me. And why is the “new” scene so dark? To cover up a photoshop-job I think. Any source to this?

…and more PC games like Grim Fandango and Indiana Jones :iagree:

I’m not sure what the original photo was captured from…if its VHS or LD it wouldn’t be as clear as DVD.

That sick bastard he added gungans.

I’ll drink to that ! :iagree: :iagree:

Lucas’ fame days are over, same for Spielberg - both dinosaurs of the past!
Hollywood is producing junk all day long, movies are as boring as their actors!
Let those old horses die in peace :iagree:

Ah proof! Madness.

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Well, Hiiiii-de-hiiiii, the force is strong in this one, Corn Wallace…