AN32 how bad are they..?

Just got a few “MaxDisc’s” dvd-r with AN32 code. Burned some of them and no
huge problems so far, though, 1 of 8 burned with few “bads” but all data md5 is ok.
Now, i’d like to know, how reliable they are: e.g, hol long they will hold my data?
:confused: Hope, someone already have some experience with those.

I have never used them but everyone who rates dics puts these at the bottom in the “landfill” section. I might use them to store old porn, but not much else.

They are not known for their quality. It would be wise of you checked your discs every 3-4 weeks just incase they deteriorate.

As mentioned they are budget media at best.

I might use them to store old porn, but not much else.

i got porno on these craps, some of these not working anymore :disagree:

It’s not that funny, since i’ve wasted 12 bucks on them :expressionless:

I think the AN32 might hold some sort of a record for the most failures in the shortest time. In other words, they might burn OK, but will be useless in 6 months.

(I only keep my porn on TY)

Half a year came and went, these discs are still working xD
Pity i don’t have appropriate h/w to test pi/po, but md5 check
shows everything’s just fine. Checked 8 out of 20 so far, but i
guess the rest are ok also. So go figure what media to pick… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would suggest you buy a dart board & make labels for each section.
Ranging from 1 day, through to 1 year.

Now throw your darts … and that’s how long they will probably last.

Anything from TY will last a minimum 5 years. Probably cost twice as much though, but by my calculations, that can mean you spend 2/5-1/10 as much $$$ in the same time.

I’ve used a few of these and I’ve had them for at least 2 1/2-3 years at this point. They have held up pretty well actually, but then they usually burn poorly to begin with so there is less room for deterioration when you are using media that burns marginal in quality from the start. I wouldn’t use them for anything important as others have suggested. To be honest, I expected them to be in worse shape at this point as they are very cheap media, mine are quite translucent in fact - in decent lighting you can easily see through them. Use them for temporary and unimportant burns if you use them, buy better media for everything else.

Someone has seen the movie Detonator with Wesley Snipes…?!?

Okay, have a look here:

Gives an impression “how bad” they can be, and are.

Back in time i got some Datawrite with this id. I liked them better than Bulkpaq and Princo but still some bad discs between. If you store your old porn on them you might never watch it again imo. I saved some discs and most still work. Sky hi error # but discs are readable. Landfill material at best. Just bc discs are readable i won’t recommend this id under any circumstance. I’m to old for that kind of lottery

Sometimes i get some Datawrite or Ridisc for free and i learned my lesson - i pass them for free to someone who’d have bought them anyway. That way we’re all happy :wink:

Lol of coz i’m not buying them anymore, after i’ve read first answer in this thread. But
still funny to know that they don’t collapse that fast as predicted by majority here :smiley:

You’ve missed the point.
The point isn’t that they collapse after a short time, or that they collapse in the foreseeable future. The point that it’s not predictable when they will collapse.

Any decent disc will at least last until the next generation of storage, and if you listen to the hype, long after you’re 6feet under.

With cheap discs, like the ANx discs, there’s no reliable way to determine whether it will last 10 years or 10 hours.