Just got a few Hallmark DVD-R’s, via a friend of a friend, at a very good price:) . The friend of a friend said he was told they were re-badged Verbatim made specifically for Hallmark. I’m a little sceptical about this claim, as out of 40 discs 20 had scuff marks and/or damaged cases, indicating poor quality control.

I’ve burnt two with no problems, nice purple colour too :slight_smile:

DVDRinfo indicates they are AN31. Is this dye type any good? A quick search on the 'net didn’t shed much light on it.


don’t know about for all drives, but for the lite on drives at least, they’re pretty much considered as media to stay away from. got some pretty bad scans with kprobe. however, with all that aside, ‘some’ of the movies I had burnt (bought a pack in the beginning before I learnt about good media) actually play in my ps2, so they’re not COMPLETE garbage.

With current price of media, good quality disks are not that expensive compared with cheapo discs. If you can make use out of it, it is a good deal. But i would not bother.

Of course, unless it is free after rebate or something. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, simplelife, down here good quality discs ARE expensive when compared to cheapies :sad: .

Verbatims are approx. $5 (Australian), Princo “A” grade $2, Smartmedia $2, Shintaro $2, as for T.Y.'s, I haven’t seen any here!

My u-beaut “specials” were $1.75 (inc. case) - mind you, the guy had to buy a 100 lot.

And as for rebates, we don’t get them here…:sad: