An unknown Error occured


When I try to open an image-file in Nero 6 (it’s an .img-file and not listen as supported but people tell me it works) I get a dialog box with the text

“An unknown error has occured while accessing [path\file.img]”

I searched on the internet and 0 hits… what’s the solution here? Is it the thing that Nero doesn’t support .IMG or what can it be? I have Stomp installed before, windows 2k and a Pioneer 106, I turned off Norton autoprotect but it’s installed.

Shortly; I can’t burn any DVD’s


Well if Nero says that it’s not supported then don’t expect it to work just because it has for other people. Their’s may work because of other things they have installed. As for not being able to burn DVDs, try getting new firmware, reinstalling the drivers, and updating your BIOS and chipset if possible. You can also try putting your DVD burner on an IDE cable all by itself. Try then then post your results.

DVD Decrypter is free and will burn .img files. You might give that a shot.
Or try ISOBuster to examine the contents or use Daemon Tools and mount the image, then do a cd to cd copy…

.IMG .BIN/.CUE are CD formats. You can’t burn them as images onto a DVD, only as data (and all you get is the file, not the contents).

FutureProof you are partially right. It’s true that .img is a CD only image format, but .bin/.cue are supported for both CDs and DVDs.

It is not entirely right that .img is CD only. IMGTool used to create DVD images creates an .img file. Nero, DVD Decrypter, Prassi, RecordNow Max, etc… will burn .img DVD images.

I haven’t seen a program yet that can burn .img, though if it’s only the one program you said then that would explain it.

I have seen Nero and DVDDecrypter burn IMG files that were DVDR


please if you do not know something do not post on it… even though you think you may know it…

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