An recommendable good cover/label maker proggie?

Which programs are the best for making new and editing existing dvd/cd covers/labels with text, images etc ?

Like to hear your advices :rolleyes:

Using adhesive labels on DVD’s is highly discouraged. Most folks here either use inkjet printable media, write on with sharpie, or use lightscribe. Labels can cause vibration issues, and the adhesive can damage the actual media.
There are numerous posts covering this issue.

Being an adhesive user myself in the past I would now discourage people from using them. In some cases most people will not notice any problems and assume that because the disc plays fine on THEIR dvd players that everything is fine. As a matter of fact, some dvd players are quite tolerant - but in time you will start having problems. I have had cases where in time I would start getting CRC errors on my DVDs, I could not even make a backup. Once I would carefully remove the label, the disc would be fully readable again. Of course if you use the thinner type of labels and they are well centered you might get away with it for a while, but personally I would go for inkjet printable.

I use SureThing Label deluxe 4.3 to design CD/DVD labels and covers, I think it is one of the best out there.

Thanx for the quick reply,

I don’t stick the labels on my dvd or cd’s since it crashes with them.

I am looking for an good program with which you can make/edit dvd/cd covers ?

i’ll try surething SureThing Label deluxe 4.3, any other advices ?

NERO CoverDesigner :slight_smile:

Click’n Design 3D

But my personal favourite is SureThing :smiley:

CoverXP is a good little program for printing DVD/CD covers

atest version : coverxp 1.65
updated on : 06/06/2004

daztheman :iagree: