An old newbie

Hi from rainy Seattle!

This is a great web site. I 'm really impressed by the expertise and friendliness of the regular contributors. It reminds me of the early days of the Usenet, which now, sadly, seems to have been taken over by sociopaths and spammers.

I still live in Seattle, where I was born 65 years ago. The city has changed so much that I more often than not feel like a foreigner in my own home town.

16 years ago I became sick with a poorly understood chronic illness that has worsened over the intervening years, so that now I have to spend most of each day resting in bed. I have a hand-me-down laptop that my niece gave me and a desk computer with a DVD burner that a fellow I met online built for me.

All my life I’ve loved music and movies, so I’m trying to learn what I can about how to make music CDs and movie DVDs.

One of the things I’d like to learn how to do is transfer my old collection of vinyl 45s and LPs onto CDs.

Since I’m still quite new here, I still post over in the Newbie forum. Maybe I’ll see you there.

If you want to just, simply record/archive the recordings ,with no restoration, then all you need is a soundcard and recording Software like Audacity…It is a free audio editor that can record and save to wav or mp3 file(s)…
After saving your new wav(s) ,use BurnAware or any similar burning app to burn an AUDIO CD…

To record your Vinyl you will obviously require a record deck and leads to connect to your machine. If the deck doesn’t have an RIAA correcting amplifier built in you can get them to either connect to the line input on the sound card or USB port.
You may already have the required software, I have a creative sound card which came with all the software required, including click and rumble removal if required. But don’t worry if you haven’t there is plenty of free software available and all here will assist you to do what you want.
I have transferred some of my records to cd using this method with excellent results. I don’t know how many records you have but I find that 4-5 lp’s a day is enough for me, I too run out of steam quite quickly.
Best of luck in your endeavour.