An old burn...hows the quality? :p

this was a burn from about a year ago w/ my DWD22A @BYS2 stock. i was wondering if i should rip the dvd and then reburn the data on a new dvd. Thanks in advance for any input u may have. :slight_smile:

Without question, and quickly before it is gone for good. And you want to scan at 4X on Liteon drives.

ic…even for the 1693s?..i thought the 4x requirement was only for 1653 and older models :confused:. thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

forum standard scan speed for all liteons up to 1693S is 4x. for 5S and 6S drives it’s 8x.

My 1693 does almost the same with 8X and 4X but not all do.

ok thanks :). ive tried both for a few discs, not much variation in PIE/PIF b/w the 2 speeds xcept for the speed of course :p. Thanks again for ur replies :slight_smile: