An odd thing I noticed in CD-DVD Speed

I might be missing something here, as there are several (loooong) threads about what’s happening with CD-DVD Speed, but I noticed something odd earlier.

I created a data disc on my LG 4163B with an MCC004 disc, set to 8x.

It went all the way up to 16x, ignoring my settings! This is with CD-DVD Speed, by the way.

Did I set something wrong or overlook something?


Edit: Drage, please don’t smack me if this already been mentioned :flower:

I think this is typical of LGs that they sometimes just ignore the speed setting and choose whatever they consider to be better.
At least this has been mentioned once or twice on some German forums.
I don’t know why, how, and what. :wink:

Wasn’t this a bug in an older version that was fixed (and now it’s back)?

I remember it happening awhile back with a BenQ drive, if that’s what you mean :slight_smile:

@Evilboy - how’s your own LG when you set a certain speed? Does it ignore it too?

Sidenote, slightly OT: Seems that I can hit 16x til the end of the disc on this machine. On my P4, it used to drop the speed say 500 megs before the end :wink:

If I’m not wrong the issue with Benq drives was related to Qsuite SolidBurn setting and not with cd-dvd speed, but I’m not sure at 100% :o

I haven’t experienced this problem (yet) with CDSpeed, but I haven’t used it extensively for burning discs and I don’t have an LG 4163B.

There was a problem with an older version of CDSpeed and Create Disc ignoring selected burn speed for CD-R media in BenQ drives and that problem was fixed.

I don’t know if this is related.

EDIT: That problem was reported here.


I can confirm that. Also, that was reported in

My findings:
Speed setting is ignored by LG 4163B, Philips DVDR1660, Benq DW-1650
Speed setting works with Sony DW-G120A and Samsung SHW-163A

I tried several versions, that feature seemed to get broken with later 4.51.x


Thanks for the confirmation and your other findings, Michael :flower:

Hehe, I had a feeling someone may have already reported it…but those threads are very long :eek:

:smiley: It’s time for a “report bugs” thread :bigsmile:
For further investigation, you can do a [B]simulated [/B]burn with a DVD-R disc.


Is there anything wrong with using the following thread?

CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality (PI/PIF) Test

Glad I found this thread as I have found the same and every time I set CD Speed to 8x it will just burn faster and faster, at times over the rated speed of the disk.

Some one else said the LG drives can do this well in over 500 disks I have never seen my drive burn at anything other than the speed I set.