An observation

I don’t know if this is a very good or not that good writer but after some tests I found that even if my 203B isn’t capable of jitter scanning, it is a VERY ACCURATE scanner. I was watching a DVD last night with my wife at one of my home standalone an old SONY DVD player and somewhere at the end it was skipping and stopping. I scanned the DVD after with my Liteon 20A1S and the results while were nothing marvelous it seemed ok. The DVD was burned with 203B at 20x. But then I just decided to scan it with 203B and it did show me a lot of troubles at the end. AT the point exactly where the DVD was skipping. The same DVD have had no problem playing back perfectly to another DVD I have but from now on I think I will trust 203B for scanning a DVD before I deliver it.

20A1S gave me a score of 93%.
203B gave me a score of 13%.