An ISO qusestion

Ok well this was taken way out of context…

Boskin you continually have a problem with me, but as we both sing with a different tone please keep personal opinions to yourself or through pm, not vented on a public forum…

“Admit” was the wrong word, however if you recall i didn’t do the big “read the forum rules” speech. Instead all i wanted to know if it was illegal or not, which would have influenced the whole topic.

As tone, sarcasm and language variations are all a factor in an international forum it is very difficult you get the same view accross, the way it was meant to be said.

For that i am sorry for the way it appears i have treated you but, the way it was meant to be said and the way it has been interpreted has obviously been very different.

this was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen @this site.

you better be preoccupied with your masturbation.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Originally posted by $CyBeRwIz$
The way I see it, if he doesn’t say that he downloaded it illegally, or makes no suggestion that he did, it’s still legal.

Sorry bout that.
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Hmm … “kseni” … that means foreigner/alien in Greek :wink: