An Idea to help the newbies a bit more



Hey everyone. I am currently still pretty new around here and have been helped by a bunch of ppl here. I have found many of the threads very useful either by using the search function or traveling through page by page.

However, still being a nub in the DVD Burning world I was thinking it would be useful if this forum had a few more stickies. Im sure the site moderators are busy outside of this forum, but I think it would be greatly beneficial if someone sticked some more basic question threads. For example,

My NEC 2500A or 2510A drive only reads at 4x posts
KProbe on NEC?!!!
Best Media for my 2500A/2510A?
What is RipLock?
Useful DVD Tools.

etc, etc.

I personally read and post on dozens of differnt forums, and I am used to the way they work. I learned a long while ago the search function on each forum is slightly different and you need to play with it to get what you really are looking for. However, it appears that these days a lot of the new DVD Burning consumers are in fact not computer savy nor have they used many forums before. I think created these stickies would be beneficial to both newcomers and seasoned verterans of this site. I know this site isnt a TechSupport hotline or anything and everything is here becaue the community cares, but in a forum such as this most ppl ARE in fact coming here for some sort of ‘unofficial’ tech support.

If this sounds stupid to anyone, just say so and I wont mention it again. Thanks for your time and thanks for all the great information on this forum (whatever way we recieve it).


I Totaly agree with you…


i have asked wes to add other things to the FAQ and in minutes in a couple of cases they were added. you may want to either submit suggestions for additions to the faq directly (stop me if i am wrong wes) or add a post to the faq. my guess is that if pertinent it will be added.

best media however will always be opinion based and any quantifyable info would be available in the media forum.

the review highlights the highs (excellent cd and dvd burns) and the lows (ripping locked for dvd video with mfgr firmware)

trust me when i say that the more you re-read what you have already seen the more you will understand of what it says.

not at all stupid. right now since the price is coming down there are a bunch of new people in the forum. myself i spent a lot of time in purgatory with a couple of liteon dvd burners so my questions were more a “where is” rather than “how do i” but you will get there eventually.

just keep participating in the forum and you will gain the knowledge that you seek.


It would probably be a good idea for you to actually read the sticky threads before making suggestions for more sticky threads…