An FYI Note For My Fellow CDFreaks in the United States

  1. Over 50% of the 25-pack Sony DVD+R DL media being sold at Best Buy retail stores is now Made In Singapore, meaning that it is made by MKM, the same as Verbies (MKM 001). You can spot the MIS packs by looking for a white foam spacer on top of the spindle. The MIT spindles, which are made by Ritek (RITEK D01), have a standard grey spacer. Keep your eyes open for the next sale, as Staples, Best Buy, and CompUSA carry the same product, so an opportunity to really score a deal may arise soon.

  2. Over 50% of the 50-pack Sony DVD-R media (SONY16D1) being sold at Staples and Best Buy is now Made in Malaysia, meaning that Daxon, the company that makes Sony’s non-MIJ media, has switched most of their DVD-R production from Taiwan to Malaysia, the same place they produce most of their CD-R media. It should be noted that Sony’s DVD+R media (SONYD21) appears to still be mostly made in Taiwan, but that could change at some point too.

  3. I am officially calling the availability of 50-pack Sony 8x DVD+R MIJ Taiyo Yuden media (YUDEN000 T02) at Sears dead. If my area of the country is any indication, Sears has run dry, and while you might still find a few remaining spindles on their shelves, there will be no restocking. All the 8x in 50-packs is now being replaced by 16x. Also, although Sears does have Sony 8x media in 25-packs, a quick perusal of that reveals that a significant portion of it is MIT, so Sears is no longer the haven it once was.

  4. I happened to take note of the fact that while 99% of Best Buy’s house brand of media, Dynex, is now made in China, it appears that the 100-pack of Dynex DVD media is still made in Taiwan, which should make it either RITEKF1 (-R) or RICOHJPNR03 (+R). The only problem is that the 100-pack rarely goes on sale, except during special holiday promotions. In any event, the point is, the next time you see a 100-pack of Dynex media go on sale, if the price is really good, don’t automatically dismiss it because you assume the media is MIC. It’s not. The 100-pack is still MIT.

  5. Yes, ghettocowboy was right. All of the new Kodak media that is being sold at Staples is MIC. There is not a pack of MIT to be found, which means you can forget about finding any sweet Optodisc. Even worse, instead of using decent fake MCC codes like Playo, NexxTech, and Dynex do, they use the plain 'ol AML and UME codes, which means that unless you’ve got a top burner, don’t even bother trying to play with these for fun.

That is all. We now return you to your regularly scheduled propaganda.

I like this announcement, loud and clear. When BB has sony DL media on sale, I will give you the bull horn

negritude - thanks for the current info! Very helpful indeed.

I’ve always thought that Sony would not put their “good” name on crap DL media (RITEK) , smart move Sony :clap:

I need more confirmation because DL media are slow mover, they might have a lot of MIT left on hand. Can some 1 different area, if you have a chance to head to best buy, can you check your store if they have MIS DL media. I cant today because I have finals, 5 tests in 1 day, and after that, I am driving home, 13 hours drive. So I wont be able to check it out till may be sunday

I’ll check my local BB later today after I get some sleep and get out of the movies, if I remember to lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I will also look into this. Thanks for the heads up on the DL Sonys as I am always looking for cheaper alternatives to the MKM001 Verbies.

All the 25-pack Sony DVD+R DL at my local BB are MIT :sad: They have plenty of MIS 25-pack Verbatim DVD+R DL though.

I saw Sony 25pack DL in Best Buy it was [B]Made in Japan[/B]
Yes it was MIJ

Were they -R DL’s?

it is +R DL about six month ago It was Made in Japan
I can’t have it because it is not on sale ( around $69.99 or 74.95 I don’t remember )

Well i’ve read here that TY makes -R DL’s but i have NOT read about +R DL’s by TY is why i asked.

My mistake I have to buy that time ( I don’t have any… :sad: )
but it was Made in Japan :iagree:
only one person say Sony 25pack +DL was MIJ it’s me

I just thought maybe you found some TY +R DL’s is all Burnsama :flower:

TY makes -DL only :iagree: I know that it is something else

The 25-pack of Sony DVD+R DL media will be on sale at CompUSA for $34.99 this coming week. If you still have one local to you, you can get a 110% PM at BB or Staples that will bring the price down to about $1.30 per disk. Be sure to look for spindles that are Made in Singapore to get the MKMs.

They’ll also be on sale for 29.99 at BB, which is even better i would think. I wonder why other brands are getting MIS DL when Verbatim is starting to put out MII DL under their own name? Just seems kinda strange to me.

Indeed. In that case, if BB has them on sale, then you might want to take a peek in Staples to see if they have any MIS, because a 110% PM there would bring the price down to about $26.99. :clap:

Getta check out my staples for some MIS :iagree: , my BB doesn’t have any MIS.

Staples doesn’t have any MIS since they are even slow mover than at BB, and of course no MIJ either