An FU to safedisk 1

This post is just to congradulate the makers of CloneCD. I am a newbie to burning disks, but clonecd have made it easy to beat safedisk one. I have succesfully managed to copy age of empires 2. If you have a safedisk 1 protected game, i suggest you just download a trial clonecd and your probs will be solved. No need to know the details, just download and burn.
This probably sounds like an advert for clonecd, but its not. I like to give thanks for software that does what it says, without buying it.

I am glad you managed to get your copy working plus it is always nice to hear someone thanking others/ programs that helped him.

If CloneCD can just get around to doing SafeDisc 2, 3, SecuROM 4.8+, StarForce, Tages and V-Drives we will have a magnificanet program on our hands again.:stuck_out_tongue:

I congradulate a program on what it promises to do, not what it can do. I have a gta3 game and I know that that will take some effort. I will probably have to get alcohol from kazaa.
But the point is if all software did what it advertised it could then it would save us all a lot of time. Nero and burnatounce failed me so I take my red hat off to clonecd on this occasion.

I will get safedisk 2/3 FU’d in the next few days than I will thank the program that helped me do it. It is my way of helping programmers make money without me having to pay them. The makers of safedisk are pirates, not the people that try to copy their disks. Since when was it legal to sell crippled software? The way I see it let them take me to court with 5mil per anum lawyers, I will beat them with free lawyers. Scre* safedisk and its programmers.

Originally posted by hadesthunder
I will probably have to get alcohol from kazaa.

No, you should download a trial version of alcohol and, if you like it and want to keep it after the trial period, pay for it. :cop: