An explanation why you should avoid purchasing cheap DVD media

I just posted the article An explanation why you should avoid purchasing cheap DVD media.

A support employee of BTC has posted usefull information regarding the use of cheap DVD media. Currently the market of DVD media is rapidly growing and expectations are that there will be…

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Make’s interesting reading doesn’t it. Certainly I’ve found Datawrite discs a bit hit and miss, not in the quality of recording but in the quality of the production. The last batch I had contained two discs with patches of a substance on making them unusable. I’ve not bought Datawrite since. My last batch of discs were Bulkpaq 4x +Rs and although cheap they seem to work reliably with my NEC 1100A writer. At the time of writing this comment, it maybe that dodgy cheap discs are more likely to be found in the -R format because it’s been around a bit longer. Certainly a friend of mine has had problems with -R discs, but none with +. In his case he was using them on an NEC 1300 writer. That first table is the best resource for knowing what is the best quality media available on the market today.

While it would be nice if everybody bought quality media, some people just aren’t going to turn down cheap DVD prices. It happened with CDrs, it’s gonna happen with DVDrs. It’s ultimately up to the consumer to buy media he deams worthy of using. And if you want cheap media, then buy a drive that gets lots of updates like Plextor, which seems to offer a new bios every 2 weeks or less.
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If you only write 1-2 DVDs a day I’m sure $ 3 media is ok, I do a LOT more then that so I go for the cheap stuff.
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@ Gristy Bulkpaq is exactly the same company as Datawrite/Datasafe and the also use the White Label brand too. As explained in the thread provided it is not really the brand but the manu dye you need to be aware of. Software like DVD Identifier & LiteOn SmartBurn will tell you this. I would not touch any of the Datawrite branded media again after much grief with both their Princo & Ritek dye media. They also at times do a lot of overprints too! :r

Take it from me, I’ve had about 2 years of DVD-R experience now with various brands of media burnt using both a Pioneer A103 and A104. I CRC check everything after writing and can confirm that a lot of the things I wrote over a year ago on cheap media (which checked fine at the time on any drive) will now only read on the writer they were written on if I’m lucky. Discs are stored in a fireproof safe under good ambient temperatures and atmospheric conditions (yes, I’m sad! :slight_smile: ). From personal experience: - Princo = bad. Never seemed to work towards the outer edge of the disc even to start with. FWS = OK. Wrote perfectly at the time, some problems now. Samsung/BeAll = same as FWS. Ritek Traxdata (not other Ritek) = Good! Have been fine so far. Datawrite/Choice = mixed. Some failures but majority worked. Not so good now though! Never really touched any other brands. If you really want to keep something long-term make sure you use top quality media such as Verbatim or Pioneer. :slight_smile:

I have a nec 1300A and uses verbatim and imation DVD media. They are great. Also works on the x-box. Even +r works on it. I have had 10 princo’s and six of them were coasters and i had to throw them away. It’s bad. For cd-r i use sony (i do have another writer, a liteon). :S

Datawrite dvd+rw discs are definitely crap avoid them. 1 or 2 burns and they are finished. The various DVD writing programs indicate that the burn has been successful, but the disc has no content when you check. Sometimes the copy is good and you can see the contents. However 5 minutes later everything has vanished !?. I have some backup films on this rubbish, I expect that they will also dissappear. twa14