An expert of Nero 7 or 8 ? help me



help me… i use the media center 2005 of windows Xp for record a
movie on digital tv ! the file video result is an DVR_MS …
now, with Nero 6 all ok! i see on Windows media player-10 and
cut the tv sopt with DVEdit …all ok !

Now, the problem, when i istall or Nero 7 or nero 8 this video file
record with media center (DVR_MS) is not see on Dvedit and on
WMP-10 ! Windows media palyer 10 is closed immediatly and
say an ERROR !!!

i try to clean with Nero general tool and disinstall and re-install
nero 7 or 8 ,but nothing ! error with this file and not see on
WMP-10 !

why ? rumors say that is an proble on plug in there aren’t on
nero 7 and 8…its’ true?

is this the problem ? it say not this talk on mpeg file , my is DVR_MS
video file !
please help me, why nero6 work well with this file and nero 7 or 8 not
work and say ERROR ? what is the problem ???


Maybe it’s getting copyrighted automatically by the recording application.