An easy? question

Ok here it goes,

My dad has over 800 laser discs!

We’ve done some research and I think I have an answer to his question.

he wants to transfer all of his LD’s to DVD’s…is this a GOOD Answer:,2076_124669747_124669742,00.html


Looks like a winner to me-

Just make sure that he uses good DVD -R media the best are Taiyo Yuden and best price is at - a 100 cakebox is $58 plus shipping-

Happy Burnin’



I do a “little” video editing on my PC…not much, though…I have a Canon GL-1 miniDV.

My dad who is 80 years “young” is still very much into the technology…albeit he’s just getting into DVD’s!!!

I mean…he has over 10,000 LP’s (33 rpm), 5,300 Cd’s…800 LD’s…

I suppose…now is just as good as time as ever…heck 2 years ago…I remeber how much $$$$ blank DVD’s were!!

Bitset +R will work as well if not better than -R, though TY is still the way to go no matter which format you use.


The Pioneer site in his link says “DVD -R” and there is no better DVD -R commercially available than Taiyo Yuden’s-


Yo RealDVD-

Just remembered seeing a GoVideo model 6740 at J & R for like $199 with pretty good reviews - looks like it may be cheaper than the Pioneer (like less than 1/2)FYI-


No argument there; my point was that Pioneer and their single format recorder is not the only game in town.