An alternative to WMP10?


Ive been looking for an alternative to WMP and I am wondering which one will be good to buy.

I dont mind the cost if it is a quailty product.

Thanks.:slight_smile: :bow:

To play what?

Winamp plays almost all file formats.
PowerDVD 5 Deluxe is worth the money IMHO, for DVD play.

For Video I use Videolan

For Music I use Foobar2000

Both of which are free.

Actually all players utilizing DirectShow (DShow) doesn’t play a jack by “themselves”. If you want something that doesn’t depend on DShow or VFW (i.e you don’t need to install any codecs/filters) go for mplayer or VLC. Anyhow, you probably want to install codecs/filters since about any video and/or audio application makes use of them. As for a media player in general I’d say mplayer2, mpc or Sasami2k (which unfortunately isn’t developed any longer). All players have their ups and downs, Sasami2k features aspect ratio settings and supersampling (good looking resize) which can come handy from time to time. As for music I’d recommend fb2k or WinAMP 2.81, there are also nice plugins for both such as ASIO output and Otachan’s mpg123 decoder for WinAMP. The reason why I’m saying 2.81 instead if 2.9X and higher is because they got off course (imo) and became bloated.

I want a decent MP3 player thats all, but will it be much better (or better) than WMP10?

I have to say foobar or winamp. What ever suits your needs.

winamp has treated me well.

If you want mp3 only, then get an older version of winamp

1by1 the directory player: It’s very small/simple yet quite versatile.