An alternative to Nero for burning DVD videos?

I’ve had it. I refuse to burn another DVD with Nero until they fix that bug
for long DVD video volume names. Its ridiculous that years have passed by and they still haven’t fixed this.

Can someone please recommend an alternative to Nero that allows editing/inputing of long (More than 35 characters) volume names?


In the “new compilation” window under the “ISO” tab do you have the correct box checked ? Without looking I think it says “allow more than 256 characters”. Just a thought.

Yup…this is a pretty well-known (At least for those who need the feature) bug.

Gah…no one has responded yet. Surely there’s gotta be another program that allows you to build your own DVD-Video and has working support for long volume names.


You ever try the freebie “Burn at ONce”? it
works on some burners (Pioneer, etc)

I’ve found a workaround or sorts. I just use Nero’s image recorder, burn it to and ISO image file then burn it with DVD Decrypter, which does allow me to rename the label with long names.

Kinda a lengthy workaround though.