An alternative to high definition discs?

I just posted the article An alternative to high definition discs?.

According to an article published at XBit Laboratories, Sonopress had mastered and replicated the world’s first commercial 3x DVD-ROM discs, which allow to record high definition video content…

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That would’ve been a great idea back when Blue-ray and HD DVD were still being talked about. Now, especially if it’ll be priced the same as Blue-Ray and DVD it’s already dead in the water. The plus side is tha it sounds like you would get the movie, period, no flashy extras, another neg is the capacity, just 1:20 hours of movie, not good for full-length features of today.

Basicly this is HD DVD (Standard) Content on DVD disc, so it requires HD DVD player. If these 3x DVD-ROM titles are not much cheaper than “real” HD DVD titles, than the whole idea is dead, agree.

I think the market could stand another optical format. CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, 3x DVD-ROM… bring it on, I say. :+

Sweet ! Enough to fit a few HD TV shows. This is a killer breakthrough if they can make a consumer vertsion work on DVD+R/-R for cheap using standard burners, since HD DVDR will not be cheap. We could backup HDTV shows etc… to these for a lot less than using HD DVDR & burner ! I read on another site that these are 9.4 GB and hold 135 min of HD content. How can that be ? Most HD DVD movies now take ~ 25 GB of the disc for a couple of hours. Maybe that number is with max compression / lowest qulaity? Strange…

There we go. That is the right word, “cheap”. Maybe if Blue burners were $39 like they should be, and without the DRM, they would maybe go somewhere. As far as I concerned, the whole teechnology can die. We don’t need it. We have 8.5GB on DVD now. You can do HD on that. Blue formats are just an excuse to take more money from us. There is no reason to not stay with Red formats forever.