An "all in one" Nero version?

Hey I’m new to this site. I have .avi and other files that I want to burn to a DVD, so I’d have to convert these to .vob and the like. I can’t do this the program I have now, which is Nero Express 6.3. I downloaded the trial version of Winavi, and that worked really well, except it added in some advertisement on the dvd, so I had to erase it.

My question is are there any Nero versions (or any software really) that is capable of converting, burning, and adding in features like title screens with chapter selections?

Welcome to CD Freaks.

A full version of Nero which will include NeroVision will do fairly this well. Ebay would be a good place to get full Nero 6 versions fairly cheaply.

If you have Nero Express, do you have any of the other Nero 6 applications? Can you download update package 2 for the site below so you will have NeroVision Express 3? I am not a Nero 6 user, so you may want to update to another version of the basic program.