An Advice: Have To Buy A Dvd Dual Layer Recorder, Which One To Beat Most Games Protec


Yes, i really don’t know i wish i could buy a dual layer able to beat the latest protection, (securom and safedisk) if not every the most protection…
Please post models and experiences,

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I’ve buyed myself a BENQ DW 1620- cost 60 €.
Its a very good +R/RW -R/RW Burner and it Burns Double Layer Media.
it can copy Safedisk 4 games and read out DPM’s/RMPS for Securom V7.

Made working Copies of :
SecuromV7 (Constantine;Project Snowblind)
Safedisk V3/4 (Nfs:U2)

Thanks so much apprecciate…i will wait for other info other users, but thanks

According to this CDFreaks test, the BENQ 1620 can’t make copies of Safedisc 2.9 and higher.

I would go for the LG GSA-4163B.

According to this test the LG can’t make copies of Safedisc 2.9 and higher, too :wink: (but i’ve read many times the LG SD-copies at least start in the LG itself)

Yes, because NO DRIVE can make a 1 : 1 copy of Safedisk V2.9 and up, but the Drives can make working Backup images , because og the Emulation used in Daemon Tools, Alcohol, Virtual Drive, Blindwrite etc.

So this Burner CAN make a Safedisk V4 copy.


Why would you say that?

Ah, I love newbies :D.

I’ve made working copies with my Pioneer A07XLA. No problems on any game I’ve tried so far…

did u try to play them also on other drives and not only on Pioneer A07XLA?


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thanks everybody, i bought lg 4361 i will test it!!!

Only some plextor drives and a little old will give you near perfect copies of Safedisk v3/v4.
The good news are that plextor is manufacturing a new serie of Plextor dvd-recorders PX-716 capable of making the job too (not so perfect as old plextor cdr recorders but most users would not note the difference).

Yes it is correct but for my knowledge on the tests I have made, is possible for Safedisk 2.9 and 3.10 only. Safedisk 3.15, 3.20 and up will not work in all drives without doing some tricks.


Good choice. :iagree:

I love my Liteon SOHW 1633S.

Does all safedisc up to and including 4.00.
Securom (with tripeaks help) up to the latest version (havn’t tried 7 yet though)

I was expecting to have to buy a cd writer as well for after I bought the comp, but I have been quite amazed by the drive - thoroughly exceeded my expectations. Cheap (under £50) as well.