An adventure in USB tethering

For the past six days or so, I’ve been experimenting with tethering my computer to an Android phone in order to access the internet. Actually, it’s two different phones, and it’s been no fun at all.

The phones use different networks, (TMobile and Verizon) and both set up physical USB tethers very easily. But getting them stable has been hellish. Today I think I figured it out.

I’ve been using a USB 3 port on my computer. It has proved to be reliable in the past, and I’ve used it for hundreds of data transfers from thumb drives and external hard drives. But the tether wouldn’t hold using this port. Once I switched to a USB2 port, tethering has been rock solid.

Microsoft is using a driver on it’s NDIS network controller that was written in 2006. There isn’t a newer one available anywhere. I suspect there is something a little funky with this driver. That, or this one particular port has something off that doesn’t show up with any other use.

Just a tidbit of info for anyone who might need it. Don’t forget to try different ports when you run into problems like this, and don’t assume a connection is good, just because it has been in the past.

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Yup, that is the crap with usb. There are standards, but really no one cares about them really.
Grab a fast usb3 stick and pump some data on it - then try to remove it but take care not to fry your fingers. :wink: