An AD-7200A with 50-3134 bootcode?

Hello all,

I have got a SONY DVD RW AD-7200A drive with 1.61 firmware. This drive can’t be flashed into almost any of the firmware posted in
When I try to flash it using BinFlash GUI 1.62 x64, it says “The firmware file expects a different bootcode on your drive. You are not allowed to continue. Drive: 0x3134 - File: 0x3132”. Why should this happen? Thanks.

Sony/Optiarc made a slight update to the drive while they were manufacturing it, and all drives made after that time came with boot code 3134 and will not accept being flashed to any of the older firmwares from the drives that had the 3132 boot code. I have many 7200A’s, and you are lucky to have one of the best drives ever made :). Are you having trouble with burning, or were you just curious to try the other firmwares?


Thanks for your quick reply.:slight_smile:

This drive burns fine and read fine, I’m only curious about why this drive I have got can’t be flashed to other firmwares on the website, now I know what happened.:rolleyes:

Happy to hear that this drive with 0x3134 bootcode is one the best drive of AD-7200A ever made.:iagree: