Amplify Weak Sectors

Should I ALWAYS turn on AmplifyWeakSectors?? Will it hurt the burn?? When would be bad about having it on all the time? Should I turn it on for securerom files?
thanks in advance
sorry for being a newbie

well it depends on what cd-rw drive u have if you want to leave it on, if you have a lite-on drive DONT turn it on from what i hear.

also u dont need AWS on for securom games because there are no weak sectors to amplify.

Never use AWS on a LITE-On drive.

I’ve been using both Plextor and Lite-On burners with AWS turned on. The 40X12X48X Lite-On I’ve had for about a month works just fine with AWS turned on. I haven’t seen any problems with it yet but will let you know if I do.

perhaps you can use it on some games/apps etc…but you do not need it

I have a liteon 24x10x40 and i noticed that some of the defualt profiles for clone cd 4 have the AmplifyWeak=1
I have found a lot less problems burning the the profiles I found here, but there were 2 for safe disk, one for safe disk 2 and one for safedisk 2.5, and the 2.5 has AmplifyWeak=1 and the 2 does not. Will it be bad to burn a cd with it on?

I used a 24102B and if the AWS is on with SD2.51.021…certain cdrom/dvd will not read through the protection…so you will only a partially working backup…my toshiba failed…both my cdrws worked fine and dvd…

so NO AWS on Liteon they do efm encoding properly
so if you want to risk a poorer quality backup with the liteon cdrw leave AWS on …

otherwise leave it off or one day you will wonder why the backup failed in a drive and will forget this…

PLEASE LITEON CDRWs(24102B and up maybe earlier too) AWS OFF!!!

> my toshiba failed

Toshibas are likely to fail if you use AWS discs. They have serious trouble with such discs, no idea why.

the point is I had no idea AWS was on …it was in an earlier version of clonecd 4 where all versions even US were getting activated…
I burnt the cd with Liteon 24102B and it failed…

AWS “on” and Liteon are a bad combo…

thanks for the info nelth, i’ll turn it off for all future burns

When you have both a Plextor and Lite-On (for instance) writer in your comp just as I have you can disable AWS for the drive and leave AWS on in the Profiles. This way you can use the same Profiles for each drive and don’t need to warry about AWS. You can disallow AWS for the writer by right clicking on your drive when starting the write process. Select Setting and disable the ‘Allow AWS’ option. Then press ok. AWS will now be disabled for the drive eventhough it’s enabled in the Profile. When writing I believe the CloneCD Log still says AWS is enabled but it’s not. You can of course also use the custom Profiles where AWS is disabled. When it’s disabled in the Profile, AWS will not be used as already explained here in this thread.