Amplify Weak Sectors - how does it work?

I’ve just been reading up on the theory behind Weak Sectors. I also came across some info on a trick called “weak sector amplification”, aka “Amplify Weak Sectors”. I want to have a go at implementing it myself - problem is, the info I’ve found boils down to the same thing - “This fixes weak sectors by adding errors to them”. No technical info, nothing like that.
Does anyone know how AWS works or - even better - how to implement it?


This old thread could be a good start :

It is a pretty good start, but what I’d like to find out is how you determine which bytes in the sector to change (to “break the symmetry”) and how they’re altered.
What would be really useful to know is how much of an error the EDC/ECC/CIRC system used on CD-Rs can really correct. The documentation I’ve seen is insanely confusing…
Time for some experiments, methinks - thankfully I’ve got a pair of spare CDRWs (though I really should buy a few more - shame I only realised after I placed the order with SVP :sad: )

Ask spath what it is. He’ll probably know.