Amplify Audio Cd's? HEEEEEEELP!

Something happened to my last post it has somehow dissappeared??? One of the number of things that are making me want to burn computetrs at the minute!!!

I have just made 5 lovely coaters!!! Yes that is right 5! I set my Clone CD 4 latest edition to the profile that ClonyXXX made but changed the profile a little adding Emulate Weak sectors. Now the tracks are all garbled no matter if Hide CDR is enabled.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED. I used to set no weak sector support for Audio CD but if I don’t use Emulate/Amplify sometimes the CD comes out ruined. I have a LG GCE 8240B can anyone help me???

Maybe Clony is not working properly and identifying the copy protections but I have the latest Aspi layers installed.

Should I even use Amplify/Emualte on an Audio CD? My CD writer is a 1 sheep burner but I have heard that Amplify etc. is only used for copy protected data CD’s!

Further more can anyone point me to a section on Audio Copy protection beating profiles for Clone CD

Please any help is appreciaited!! Thanks. Especially the part about whether amplify should be used on Audio CD’s or not.

I’m a noob, but I don’t think you want to do any of what you are saying if the disc is Audio. Amplify weak sectors is for copy protected games I think. Same thing goes for using emulators and hide CD-R. These are also for ROM data and not audio as far as I know. What audio titles are you trying to backup? It’s possible that they’re not copy protected at all.

I am backing up UB40 Labour of love and it appears to have no protection like ABBA Gold. So I shouldn’t use Emulate or Amplify on Audio Cd’s even if my burner doesn’t support correct EFM encoding?

Emulate/Amplify weak sectors is only needed for the Safedisk protection used by some programs/games. It should not be used when burning audio.

Thnaks alot for that reply but one last thing…Why is there emulate AND amplify? Surely they just do the same job?

Originally posted by Clonedando
Thnaks alot for that reply but one last thing…Why is there emulate AND amplify? Surely they just do the same job?
Emulate and Amplify weak sectors are used when you wanna backup a game protected with SafeDisc and have nothing to do with audio. No they do not do the same job.

And theres no reason making new threads reminding of the one you have made here (the other one is deleted :wink: )

Also can anyone tell me why these forum pages take 5 years to load even though I am on 512K Broadband?
Its loading very fast here with 384 DSL. Maybe an ISP/firewall problem?