Ampilfy Weak sectors

I was just curious, how do AWS work? I know how to use it, but I don’t understand it’s details.

You should check this article mentioned on the frontpage of CDFreaks.

Compliments to G@M3FR3@K for his excellent articles on copy-protections!

I already did. It says nothing about how AWS works, It just gives a little thing on what SD2 is, and explains how to use AWS. I am already well versed in both of these issues.

Quoting from FutureProof:

"I don’t think AWS actually changes anything - data wise. As Olli states it’s CloneCD not PatchCD. The AWS is a software control that ‘forces’ the writer chipset to ‘ignore’ its EFM Table in the ROM and write the regular bit patterns which are the ‘weak’ sectors. Eight to Forteen Modulation (+ three merge bits) ensures that the distance between a change from a 1 to a 0, and vice versa, is no less than three, average of 7 and max of 11.

A regular bit pattern of …01010101010…would be modulated by the writer to something like …00001111100000011110001111… Because regular bit patterns are such small artefacts on the pressed disc they will appear ‘weak’ to a reader. The SD2 guard module doesn’t care, only that they are there.

Despite some excellent coding, some writers still just can’t hack it.