Amount of space on dvd

Okay, I just burned a movie that was 90 minutes and it took up more room then the next movie I am burning that is 2 hours…

How can this happen? I got 99.9% of the original with the 90 minute one and I am going to get 100% of the original with this 2 hour one…with about 200MB left over… :confused:

possibly more audio streams and/or subtitles are in the 90min.

It depends on the amount of compression that was used and the space the extra’s and audio streams take up. Looking at the length of the movies is irrelevant because of what I just mentioned. For instance, a DVD disc can have several audio streams which take up a lot of space, especially when they’re all 5.1 surround sound (2.0 stereo sounds takes up far less space for example).

Ghosters, you just beat me to it! :wink:

was 1 in dolby and tother 1 2 ch

Acutally, what is being said about audio streams makes sense. The 90 minute one had about 7 different languages that you could actually VIEW the movie in. So, makes sense.