Amount of LightScribe licensees dissapoints, HP starts unit to seek more

I just posted the article Amount of LightScribe licensees dissapoints, HP starts unit to seek more.

HPs salesmen have not done their job right as, according to Digitimes, HP is looking for more licensees for their LightScribe Technology. The website reports that the current amount …

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no wonder; LS disks are as expensive as DL disks & as slow as 2x dvd who has money & time for LS?

I think Lightscribe sounds excellent. It will be several months before I upgrade my PC DVD burner but, when I do, it will be a model with lightscribe. Hopefully by then colour burning will be available and more producers will have compatible drives (I believe Toshiba and LG are on the verge of releasing models). Speed is of little concern to me but I would like to see lightscribe DVD-Rs as I tend to prefer these to DVD+R.

Could it have anything to do with LightScribe being worthless to most end users? Could it be another useless gimmick? Nah, couldn’t be that.

I think they’ll see more licensees when it becomes more usable in the mainstream. First they need to: 1) increase speed (a lot) 2) get discs out on the market at reasonable prices 3) maybe add color support Overall the idea is a good one. If they fix that stuff it’ll be a better alternative then buying something to print cds/dvds

I hear some people about the which for colour-lightscribe, is that something that is made up or is there really something like that in development? I think that a whole of a lot more difficult to make and thus much more expensive. Without colour is fine by me if only the burning speed could be somthing like 5 speed or higher

I see no need for LightScribe in my future. My cheap little blue shaprie works just fine for me, and has for years. :g

it would be nice if this was cheaper the cds for this outcost my dvd-r discs

HP, blame the printer manufacturers. Oh wait, you are one :g I can get a full-colour printer that spits out discs in a fraction of the time it takes to LightScribe a disc, and in full vivid colour, too. I can buy any inkjet-pritable media on the market, too. I don’t need to pay more for a LightScribe CD / DVD disc or drive. Is it any wonder? You are offering greyscale, subject-to-fading images. Any savings in ‘printing’ are offset by the higher media cost, higher drive cost & the time it takes to 'scribe a disc. Improve the tech or reduce your royalties. Or both.

“Hopefully by then colour burning will be available and more producers will have compatible drives”…can’t see this happening. The only way you could do this would be to infuse the disk with light sensitive pigments, which would make the blank even more expensive. Lightscribe, methinks, is a toy for the must haves… :X
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In my opinion, it’s completely useless. I have a photo printer who can handle cd/dvd and does a beautiful job on these babies, in color. Switching to Lighscribe is to me like buying a more expensive black and white television today. I just can’t understand why someone came up with such a stupid idea, at HP… Oh, maybe to sell their patents?

LightScribe is not a ‘stupid’ idea, infact it is ingenious. the tech is still in it’s infact stages and only time will tell if it really catches on. The speed of printing and disc cost should be the main factors that need work on.

Where has this idea come from that Lightscribe discs are expensive? I have just done a search at my regular (UK) supplier and they are charging £0.65 for a 8x Verbatim DVD+R lightscribe disc. How is that expensive?

I found this link which seems to suggest colour lightscribe printing is inbound:

I can deal with the mono color and slow speed, what I can’t deal with is the high dollar blank media. Why is it that I can get blank media for a color printer much cheaper than LS blank media.:r

How much do they cost in the US/North America than? As I said above in the UK the cost is only a few pence more than a decent branded media.

In Canada a Verb 8x LS disc goes for about $1.75 CAD per, compared to 16x genuine TY media which can be had for about $1.00 CAD, LS is too expensive.

LS is pointless first of all its only a gray scale + there just way to much money.

As long as there are sharpie markers, the average person is NOT going to use LightScribe. Let me repeat… S H A R P I E Any questions?

i agree… sharpie works great!:B