Amnesty period for software pirates

I just posted the article Amnesty period for software pirates.

jimkiler used our newssubmit to tell us that the BSA is kind enough to give companies some time off to get their software licenses right.

"It’s not a secret that you should buy one…

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What sort of an idea is that? I think it ammounts to ‘pay us!’ :wink:

This is nothing more than a scare tactic. The BSA is the organized crime family of the software business. Shaking down businesses, threatening them with disgruntled employees turning them in. Better pay or else. You know what? Fuck you. :r

a piracy prevention department… jeezes… The software company I work for has an engineering, marketing and support departement. It surprises me that the audio industry doesn’t use this license system. Imagine you have to buy three copies of an audio cd if you want to play it on you home stereo, car cd player and discman.

For businesses it is a whole different ballgame, compared to home users. The companies use the software to, eventually, make more profit for themselves. When a company is caught using unlicensed software (be it consciencely or not) they should be punished, sure. But since it isn’t all rotten thre they should also be given the benefit of the doubt. If the BSA gives the company caught with unlicensed software a grace period after they’re caught, gives the company a chance to right its wrongs, it would only be fair. When this so-called grace period is given in a sense of writing a letter to all companies saying they got until December 31, 2001 to get their licenses in order, I agree with the first reason given by the original author.

Da taxman, do you work for the BSA? You are vomiting the same corporate line…